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Strength athletes have different nutritional requirements from endurance athletes and leisure athletes have different needs to performance athletes. But in all cases: the best training in the world means nothing without optimal nutrition and vice versa!

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When it comes to nutrition for athletes, nutrition should reflect requirements. However, there are also two key nutrition-related aspects: first, guaranteeing resilience at a specific time and second, ensuring regeneration can take place – of course taking into account the numerous requirements of the specific sport in question.

Carbohydrates should constitute the largest proportion of sports nutrition, namely over 60%, since they are the preferred source of energy for physical and mental performance. Carbohydrates in particular play a key role in regeneration.

Good regeneration means favourable glycogen stores – well-stocked glycogen levels promote muscle development. It is particularly important to consume an optimal combination of carbohydrates and protein AFTER sport or training (glycogen window*): carbohydrates for optimal glycogen levels and protein for cell renewal.

Styrian scarlet runner beans are brilliant

For the reasons mentioned above, Styrian scarlet runner beans can be considered the perfect food for athletes. They contain high quality protein, valuable (slow-release) carbohydrates and also supply iron and vitamins. Scarlet runner beans are also easy to combine with other sports foods such as vegetables, quark or cereal products. However it is worth noting that, in the case of professional athletes, consuming bean dishes straight after a competition or extreme exercise can put pressure on the digestive system as beans have a low to medium GI (glycaemic index**). Nevertheless, pulses should certainly be incorporated into the weekly nutritional plan!

* Glycaemic window: the ideal conditions for absorbing amino acids (protein) and topping up depleted glycogen levels (carbohydrates in the muscles) are found 1 to 2 hours after exercise. With a normal level of exercise (leisure athletes), levels can usually be topped up within 24 hours.
**Glycaemic Index: indicates how quickly carbohydrates are absorbed by the body and therefore how quickly blood sugar levels rise. The higher the value, the faster blood sugar levels rise. This is not a particularly practical value because it is influenced by food combinations, processing types and the structure of mealtimes.

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Healthy Styrian scarlet runner beans

Styrian scarlet runner beans are a source of high quality protein and slow-release carbohydrates. The combination of scarlet runner beans and cereals increases the available protein even further. Try eating wholemeal bread or potatoes with a scarlet runner bean dish, for example.

Energizing, full of proteins, Styrian:

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