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Thinkers are people who rather use their mental capacity, i.e. their mind, than their physcial strength in their job. The aim of every ambitious thinker is to achieve a top class performance when it comes to mental resilience, mental flexibility, creativity and solutions to difficult problems.

Stable blood sugar levels with fibre

Blood sugar levels have a direct impact on our mental ability. If blood sugar levels rise too quickly and fall again, this can cause tiredness, concentration problems and aggression. Stress hormones are released, leading to a feeling of being unsettled as well as poor concentration. Relatively stable blood sugar levels in the 110 to 140 mg/dl range are ideal for our ‘grey cells’. In order to guarantee the optimal and consistent blood sugar curve, special carbohydrates are recommended, i.e. fibre. These substances prevent rapid fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids are of great importance when it comes to the optimal performance of our nerve and brain cells.

However, these neurotropic substances* only take optimal effect if a stable blood sugar level is able to ensure a regular influx of energy for the brain cells. Brain cells are among the cells in the body which are dependent on a constant inflow of energy. The body is not able to store many reserves in the brain and therefore the influx of glucose is essential as the ultimate fuel for your brain cells.

Apple chips, scarlet runner beans PDO and polenta

Apple chips, polenta and scarlet runner beans are an ideal source of fibre with a low fat content. They contain ample fibre without much fat and therefore satisfy cravings for sweetness, stave off hunger pangs and ensure a slow release of energy to the brain.

Eat a handful of fibre-rich foods at least 3 times a day such as polenta, apple chips and scarlet runner beans. You will soon see for yourself how quickly stable blood sugar levels are noticeable! Apple chips are the ideal snack for avoiding energy slumps! They contain the fuel you need, glucose, to ensure optimal performance without bombarding the body with high fat calories. 100 g of apple chips contain half an adult’s daily fibre requirements!

* Neurotropic substances have a direct impact on the brain and nerve cells. An example of such substances is the group of B vitamins.

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Smart with apple chips and Co.

Styrian apple chips, scarlet runner beans and polenta are a source of valuable fibre and help combat energy lows!

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