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High cholesterol can have a negative impact on blood pressure, can cause a hardening of the blood vessels and can increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke.
Nutrition can also influence your blood cholesterol levels – in a positive way!

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Health-conscious people keep a regular check on their blood values. Uric acid, triglyceride and cholesterol are the most well-known. High cholesterol can have a negative impact on blood pressure, can cause a hardening of the blood vessels and can increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke. In short, you can reduce your cholesterol levels by eating the right foods.

The ‘right foods’ are fibre-rich foods and products such as whole-grain cereals, fruit and vegetables. When they hear ‘fibre-rich foods’, many people imagine grainy, solid and dry foods. Many therefore shy away from this kind of nutrition from the outset. However, there are also light and soft foods with a similarly high level of fibre.

One tasty example is the flexible Styrian polenta: whether eaten fried and crispy, cooked and creamy, sweet or savoury, baked or as a side dish and as a main or dessert – polenta is quick and easy to prepare, not to mention delicious!

Styrian advice for your healthy diet

Styrian polenta is ideal
“As a therapist, I’m so glad polenta already exists or else someone would really have to invent it!” says nutritional expert Angelika Neuhold. “For me, polenta is a healthy fast-food for the heart!” Polenta dishes can also be refined with fruit or vegetables to add even more fibre to the meal!

Styrian pumpkin seed oil as a source of vitamin E
To support the health of your heart even further, you could add a spoonful of beneficial oil rich in vitamin E to the polenta – such as Styrian pumpkin seed oil. The fatty acids in pumpkin seed oil and the combination of vitamins have a positive impact on the health of your heart.

Snacking on Styrian apple chips
Styrian apple chips are an ideal addition to your diet plan and can also help to reduce cholesterol levels. They are a practical snack which can reduce blood cholesterol levels instead of increasing them – unlike many common snacks such as chocolate bars, creams and pralines.

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Healthy with polenta

Styrian polenta, apple chips and Styrian pumpkin seed oil are beneficial foods which can help keep you fit into old age.

Lowering your cholesterol, healthy, Styrian:

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