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Recipe: Wok-fried pumpkin seed pasta


serves 4 | cooks in 45 minutes

1. Make a pasta dough. Then cut the dough into thin ribbons using a pasta machine or by hand. Cook for a few minutes in salted, boiling water then rinse in cold water.

2. Thinly slice the sirloin steaks (do not cut all the way through) then cut in the opposite direction to create a pattern of small squares. Then dice into cubes (2 x 2 cm).

3. Slice the vegetables into evenly sized cubes and slice the leeks into discs. Heat the peanut oil in the wok, fry the vegetables until brown, remove from the wok and place to one side. If necessary, add more oil, flash fry the beef and remove from the wok.Fry the pre-cooked, drained pumpkin seed pasta in the fat until crisp and keep warm. Stir the rice starch into the cold beef soup and add to the remaining oil in the wok. Add the tomato purée, sugar, rice vinegar and soy sauce, heat through and season with salt and chilli to taste. Add the fried vegetables and beef and bring to the boil.


You can also use smoked tofu to prepare a vegetarian version.

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