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Allergy sufferers

People with an intolerance to lactose, fructose or histamines often find it difficult to integrate a balanced diet into their everyday lives. Avoiding foods which the sufferer is intolerant of can lead to a deficiency in certain active ingredients.

Nutrition for special needs

People with a lactose intolerance often largely forgo calcium and plant-based protein sources such as dairy products. Ensuring optimal fibre intake presents an additional challenge for people with a fructose intolerance.

Scarlet runner beans for lactose intolerance: Styrian scarlet runner beans are a source of calcium and plant-based protein and are therefore ideal for people with lactose intolerance.

Polenta for fructose intolerance: Styrian polenta is a source of fibre without containing ‘pain-causing’ glucose in any significant quantities.

Pumpkin seed oil for histamine intolerance: Valuable Styrian pumpkin seed oil is a source of the free radical interceptor vitamin E for a strong immune system. It is therefore an optimal nutritional accompaniment for people affected by histamines.

How to change your diet successfully

Start to slowly but regularly incorporate foods which supply you with the required active ingredients. In this way, you can avoid any permanent deficiencies developing and live a pain-free life.

Keep a food diary! It will help you identify any patterns and to establish optimal nutritional habits and an optimal lifestyle.

Plan some effective relaxation periods each day and each week – your intestines will thank you for it and you will experience fewer difficulties!

Take note of your fluid levels – drink at least 30 ml per kg of your body weight each day! Optimal fluid intake helps your digestive organs to complete their tasks to the optimal level.

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A balanced diet with pumpkin seed oil & Co

Styrian scarlet runner beans PDO, polenta and Stryrian pumpkin seed oil PGI are ideal supplements to the diet of this target group.

wholesome, balanced, Styrian:

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