Delicous recipes created by hip gourmets.

All it takes is a dash of Steirerkraft order to create something very special out of the ordinary.

The Steirerkraft recipe rockers remain true to this motto. Steirerkraft products are the basic ingredients for the innovative and creative recipes created by these young chefs who are all graduates of Bad Gleichenberg’s Tourism College. The recipe rocker concept was first launched in 2014 in cooperation with the college and Styria Tourist Board to breathe fresh new life into Styria’s database of recipes.

Each month, a recipe rocker dish is filmed (with big thanks to Dietmar Kump and his Videofotograf team) and put online – so that viewers can rock out and cook!

This was then followed by the book ‘Nouvöl Cuisine – Die neue Steirische Küche’ (Nouv-oil Cuisine – the New Styrian Cuisine) a cookery book based on the gourmet campaign surrounding the Steirerkraft recipe rockers.

The Recipe Rocker 2018.

Karina Krammer

The youngest Recipe Rocker in Steirerkraft’s history is creating a buzz in 2018: Karina Krammer is just 23 years old. Her love of cooking was kindled in childhood. From her earliest days she loved to work in the kitchen of the family business in Voitsberg – thanks to her grandmother and uncle. Born in the Voitsberg district of Styria, she still works at the family business in her home town.

After attending Grottenhof Agricultural College and the College of Tourism and the Leisure Industry in Bad Gleichenberg, Karina Krammer learned and developed her trade at the well-known Hubinger Restaurant in Etmissl and the notable s’Hannes in Serfaus in the Tyrol. She prefers to use seasonal, regional and GMO-free products. Inspiration for new things? She finds ideas everywhere and likes to make things with ingredients that grow close to home. “As the new Steirerkraft Recipe Rocker I look forward to exciting other people with my ideas and recipes and inspiring them to make these dishes too,” she says. She has already considered the subject of seed oil in depth and with loving attention to detail has crafted delicious recipes that use Styrian pumpkin seed oil PGI, pumpkin seeds and scarlet runner beans.

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Heroes in the kitchen.

Our Recipe Rockers



Heroes in the kitchen.

Our Recipe Rockers


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