The best of Styria.

The Steirerkraft Philosophy

Steirerkraft represents natural enjoyment, diversity and added value – with its roots in Styria and its wings stretching out across the world. The product range extends from Styrian pumpkin seed oil PGI to various kinds of Styrian pumpkin seeds (plain, roasted and salted, chopped, grated, pumpkin seed brittle or sweet or savoury snacks), Styrian scarlet runner beans (canned and ready-to-eat), Styrian apple chips, Styrian vinegars and various pesto varieties. Pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin seeds, apple chips and vinegars are also available in an organic quality.

The Steirerkraft brand represents a bridge between traditional agriculture, traditional processing methods and modern production technology. This clear definition and the consistent sustainability strategy guarantee the traceability and transparency of the products. All based on the slogan of "Honest, Styrian, Steirerkraft".

We are constantly working to expand the Steirerkraft gourmet portfolio with new, exciting and delicious products for our customers.

Natural Styrian food.

Locally produced

Steirerkraft embodies local farming, culinary delights and healthy nutrition. Our products are deeply rooted in the area: Styria, the green heart of Austria. We know from the very beginning which seeds are sown on which field by which farmer. This enables us to track back our products to their very beginnings: the farmers who have grown them. Additionally, we place emphasis on producing food which is very high in terms of quality, natural and free from genetical modification.

The perfect kind of food for everyone.


Let us show you what our Styrian specialities are made of – easily and in understandable words. Vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, daily amounts or even glycogen phosphorylase are key words which we might have heard, but whose deeper meaning we do not know.

This is why we started cooperating with the nutrition expert Angelika Neuhold and have defined seven nutrition types. For every type, we make food suggestions and provide recipes ideal for them. Additionally, our nutrition expert provides you with valuable tips in our SteirerBlog.

Tasty recipes to try out at home.

Styrian cooking

In 2014 we came up with the idea of the Steirerkraft Recipe Rocker. Every year we choose a new Recipe Rocker who embodies the new way of Styrian cooking. And this is our goal: we want to interpret traditional Styrian dishes in a new way, create innovative recipes that freshen up every cookery book and show everybody how fantastic Styrian foods like pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil, scarlet runner beans and apple chips really taste.

Our young chefs create delicious recipes which contain the very best ingredients, and explain how to prepare these dishes in videos. And we look forward to presenting one new irresistable recipe on our website every single month.


Steirerkraft's individual designer bottle

We have spent a long time working hard, contemplating, calculating, testing, discarding ideas and devising new ones. With the aid of national and international experts, we have finally reached our goal: the premium bottle for our Styrian pumpkin seed oil PGI.

Design competition

We kicked off with a design competition as part of the Industrial Design course at the FH Joanneum Technical College in Graz. The design students developed creative and professional solutions to ensure optimal presentation of the top quality Styrian pumpkin seed oil PGI, based on the specifications for our briefing and under the direction of Susanne Lippitsch.

Following a reality check by both internal and external experts, a re-briefing was issued based on the selected proposal. The final decision was made according to emotional and commercial criteria. And it paid off: perfect elegance and easy handling featuring the premium K from Steirerkraft. So perfect dishes can now be created in an instant.


Work together. Enjoy together.

Strong partnerships

Due to strong and long-lasting partnerships we are able to provide a constant and unique quality to our customers. A stable, reliable network of partners and suppliers safeguards our success. Steirerkraft stands for mutual respect and honest business relationships.

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The campaigns we launched
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All it takes is a dash of Steirerkraft! Discover the campaigns we mounted in the last few years - and chuckle, marvel and get hungry.

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