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Children are not just small adults; however, their nutritional needs are very different from those grown-ups have. The digestive system and a sufficient intake of active ingredients to ensure optimal growth are two of the key requirements of a balanced nutrition for children.

Eat more frequently

Since the digestive system does not finish developing until children are of school-leaving age and children are not able to store nutrients as well as adults, they need to eat more often.

Ideally they should consume 5 small meals a day, adapted to the day’s activities. Fibre-rich foods are recommended to ensure a good digestive system. Given that more and more children are now overweight, sugar-free and low fat products should feature on the meal plan.

Low-fat fibre

‘Low-fat fibre’ can be found in wholegrain cereals, pulses, dried fruits, cabbage, kale, onions and potatoes. Fibre-rich, high vitamin, sugar-free and low fat apple chips are enjoyed by children and are easy to integrate into any meal plan. Styrian apple chips and Styrian pumpkin seeds are an ideal alternative to a morning or afternoon snack at school or at home.

The nutritional intake is optimised when these snacks are combined with sugar-free dairy products at least once a day and ideally twice. Fluid levels are also important for children. Ensure that they drink sugar-free or at least low sugar fluids!

Tips from our experts.

Healthy with pumpkin seeds & Co.

Styrian pumpkin seeds and apple chips are a great crispy snack for some added nutrition between meals!

Tasty, low in sugar, Styrian:

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Ein Mann auf weißem Hintergrund. Er hält eine Tüte Polenta in der Hand.Denker
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Zwei kleine Kinder, ein Bub und ein Mädchen, sitzen auf Obstkisten aus Holz und knabbern steirische Apfelchips der Marke Steirerkraft.Kinder
Eine junge Frau in weiß vor weißem Hintergrund hält eine Tüte getrocknete Käferbohnen in der Hand.Schönheitskönigin
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