Beauty comes from within.

Beauty queens (and kings)

Many people who pay attention to their looks have one aim: they want to stay young. The trio required to
achieve this goal: vitamin A, beta-carotene and vitamin E.

Stay young with pulses

Optimal nutrition does not provide eternal youth but it does have a beneficial impact on skin regeneration, skin ageing and a youthful appearance.If you act with care, the skin’s ageing process can be delayed by years. It is important to implement these preventative measures as early as possible.

Vitamin A is a real fountain of youth for the skin. The vitamin is particularly important for the renewal of the skin cells. Eating sufficient amounts of vitamin A results in smooth skin. This also helps to prevent dry and flaky skin.

And a positive side effect: the effects of this beauty vitamin are also evident in the hair and fingernails.

Eat healthily, feel beautiful

Beta-carotene is the preliminary stage of a vitamin which is transformed into vitamin A in the intestine. This nutrient is primarily contained in fruit and vegetables such as pulses. Styrian scarlet runner beans also contain a plentiful supply of this valuable substance. Pulses are a special beauty food. Styrian scarlet runner beans also contain other key substances for the skin such as fibre, iron and folic acid as well as vitamin A.

Protecting the skin is very important for retaining beauty: vitamin E is therefore essential to any effective beauty diet. The vitamin protects the body from free radicals* and has therefore long been known as the ultimate protection against ageing. Styrian pumpkin seed oil and Styrian scarlet runner beans are rich sources of Vitamin E.

* Free radicals are triggered by smoking, UV radiation and excessive alcohol or stress. They cause rapid ageing of the skin and result in the formation of wrinkles. The best known radical interceptors are vitamin A, C and E.

Tips from our experts.

Scarlet runner beans for
your good looks

200 g of Styrian scarlet runner beans per week and Styrian pumpkin seeds to nibble as a snack in-between should form part of every beauty diet plan!

Young, vital, Styrian:

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Ein Mann auf weißem Hintergrund. Er hält eine Tüte Polenta in der Hand.Denker
Ein lächelnder Mann vor weißem Hintergrund hält eine große Flasche steirisches Kernöl von Steirerkraft in den Händen.Arbeiter
Zwei kleine Kinder, ein Bub und ein Mädchen, sitzen auf Obstkisten aus Holz und knabbern steirische Apfelchips der Marke Steirerkraft.Kinder
Eine junge Frau in weiß vor weißem Hintergrund hält eine Tüte getrocknete Käferbohnen in der Hand.Schönheitskönigin
Eine blonde Frau auf weißem Hintergrund. Sie hält Produkte für Allergiker in der HandAllergikerin
Ein älteres Paar in Sportkleidung und Fahrradhelm auf weißem Hintergrund. Die Frau hält eine Packung Polenta in der Hand.Health Conscious
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