Delicious pumpkin seed oil recipes

Styrian salad with pumpkin seed oil

Experimenting with the Styrian delicacy

Pumpkin seed oil is well-known for its rich and nutty flavor. You won’t find many households in Austria not using this versatile product. However, the choice of your pumpkin seed oil will have an immense impact on how your dishes will turn out in the end. Therefore, buying a certified product is highly important. Jump over to our online shop to find the best pumpkin seed oil. Nevertheless, we understand that pumpkin seed oil “beginners” might be a bit reluctant when it comes to incorporating the dark gold into their daily routine. Keep on reading to find out different ways to use it in the kitchen. Get experiential with the, as we like to call it, Styrian liquid gold.

As already mentioned, pumpkin seed oil is highly versatile. Not only can it be used for savory dishes, but also desserts. The nutty yet delicate flavor acts as a highlighter for other flavors. One of the most famous recipes including pumpkin seed oil is a traditional Styrian salad. But it doesn’t always have to be that laid-back. Get experiential with some other tasty recipes such as pumpkin seed oil spread, chicken tenders breaded with pumpkin seeds, or even sweet vanilla ice cream with some pumpkin seed oil drizzled all over it. It might sound like an adventure at first, but mark our words, you won’t get enough of the rich and flavorful delicacy.

Pumpkin oil recipes– what are the benefits?

Pumpkin seed oil is not only known for its dense flavor, but also its health benefits. Pumpkin seeds are packed with vitamins and healthy fats. Moreover, they are known to be filled with antioxidants and magnesium. By the way: Did you know that Steirerkraft is a multi-awarded pumpkin seed oil producer? When it comes to this Styrian delicacy we leave nothing to chance. But for now, it's time to get experimental with this valuable pantry item.

Pumpkin seed oil in starters and small bites

Some pumpkin seed oil-filled bites will be a highlight at your next dinner party. Warm soups, fresh wraps, or some pumpkin chips can all be taken to the next level by adding some pumpkin oil to the recipes.

The star of each dinner party – the main course

Pumpkin seed oil can be added to meat, fish, or vegetables. Get experimental and try out some of these recipes.

Finishing off with a flavor-explosion

Although it might sound a bit adventurous, pumpkin seed oil acts as a perfect addition to many desserts. The nutty flavor will undermine and enhance the sweetness of your meals. Try out some of our recipes or come up with your own creations.

No matter if you want to use it for cold or warm dishes, the Styrian delicacy will increase the taste of your meals by at least 100 %. Cooking with pumpkin seed oil soon will be as normal as reaching for a cup of coffee in the morning. By the way, coffee might also be combinable with pumpkin seed oil, who knows?

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