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Recipe: Goat’s cheese pralines with pumpkin seed oil


serves 5 | cooks in 15 minutes

1. Mix the cream cheese thoroughly with the honey, thyme, salt and pepper and leave in a cool place to stand so that the mixture becomes firmer and easier to handle.

2. Divide the cooled cheese mixture into portions using a teaspoon and shape into small balls. Roll some of the pralines in the chopped pumpkin seeds and the remainder in the grated pumpkin seeds.

3. For the remoulade, mix the mayonnaise thoroughly with the pumpkin seed oil, salt, pepper and tomato vinegar. Then fold in the diced vegetables


Serve with a colourful spring salad of either lettuce or wild herbs (yarrow, daisy, ribwort, dandelion etc. – only use herbs you are familiar with). Wash and spin dry the leaves, then marinate using a marinade of tomato vinegar, pumpkin seed oil and salt.

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