Organic pumpkin seeds – a Styrian love story

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Buying pumpkin seeds online – quick and easy

While you may have already heard of this remarkable delicacy, we are sure that there is still something new we can tell you about the Styrian topping of choice – the beloved pumpkin seeds or pumpkin seeds for the B2B market. But don’t you worry – after reading this short article you will master the topic and be an expert when it comes to integrating the pumpkin seeds into your daily dishes.

But first things first: what’s the easiest way to get hold of them? Buying pumpkin seeds online is definitely one of the quickest ways to do so. Not only is it uncomplicated – making sure you are opting for high-quality products is easy as well. By buying certified, organic pumpkin seeds from Steirerkraft, you get to enjoy real Styrian gems – fresh, crisply and of highest quality.

Why the choice of your pumpkin seeds DOES matter

Alright, now that you know where to buy pumpkin seeds, it is important to decide on which exact ones to get. The choice of your pumpkin seeds will have an immense impact on everything that comes along. At Steirerkraft we offer organic, certified pumpkin seeds. And believe us – you truly can taste the difference. Good products lead to an even better outcome – it’s as easy as that.

Once you have tried the Styrian delicacy, you won’t be able to resist the rich and nutty flavor – so make them a staple in your every-day-life. And by the way – this special flavor can also be experienced in liquid form. So, if you’re still new to the topic, be sure to check out our article about cooking with pumpkin seed oil. There you can find some useful tips on how to cook with pumpkin oil as well as pumpkin seeds.

The P in pumpkin seed stands for perfection

Some might call it picky – we call it love for detail. We want to make sure that our customers get the best products possible. It’s a promise from us to you – buying pumpkin seeds online at our shop means high quality, outstanding taste and sustainability. While we take care of bringing the products to perfection, you can focus on bringing your recipes to perfection. Adding organic pumpkin seeds as a topping or as an extra crunch will take your meals to the next level. If you are short of ideas, take a look at our delicious pumpkin seed oil recipes and get experiential.

Now that sourcing, the right choice, and usage are clarified, the only step left to do is jumping over to our online-shop. No matter if you prefer organic pumpkin seeds covered in delicious chocolate, sprinkled with some paprika and chili, or just the beloved plain ones – there sure is something for everybody.

By the way, did you know that the organic pumpkin seed oil from Steirerkraft is certified by the European Union? Keep your eyes open for the green leave added to the bottle:

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