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We love great taste that is honest, too. That is why we from Steirerkraft appreciate what nature gives as and work with it with greatest care and transparency. It is our passion to work with the best raw goods and use them to produce premium Styrian food - meeting the highest standards in quality, of course. Here, where tradition and modernity unite in our crafts, we create the finest tastes.

The Tastes of Styria.

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Do you know the taste of the deepest green? Discover it with us! We receive the ingredients and raw produce for our products from contract farming - and process them with greatest care. The results are genuine pumpkin seed oil, crispy apple chips and energizing scarlet runner beans that find their way into our online shop to tempt your palate. Did you know that you can find the Styrian pumpkin seed oil that has won most awards so far can only be found here at Steirerkraft?

You can taste that we care.

Quality from the outset

Natural products made by Steirerkraft meet the highest standards in quality; great responsibility towards both nature and the farmers working with us are significant in all our production processes. We process only select high quality ingredients that have been produced according to our high standards. Here in Styria, they we turn them into our best Steirerkraft products.

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Delicous recipes created by hip gourmets

All it takes is a dash of Steirerkraft in order to create something very special out of the ordinary. Our Recipe Rockers are full of great ideas; passion and hunger motivate them to come up with creative recipes using ingredients produced by Steirerkraft. They add a new twist to traditional Styrian meals, which they present in new videos every month.

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The proper diet
for every type

What diet type are you? It is our aim to support you in the choices you make regarding your diet. We provide you with answers to the most important questions in this field. Whether you are a thinker, a labourer or an allergy sufferer - learn more about your diet type!

Ein Mann auf weißem Hintergrund. Er hält eine Tüte Polenta in der Hand.Denker
Ein lächelnder Mann vor weißem Hintergrund hält eine große Flasche steirisches Kernöl von Steirerkraft in den Händen.Arbeiter
Zwei kleine Kinder, ein Bub und ein Mädchen, sitzen auf Obstkisten aus Holz und knabbern steirische Apfelchips der Marke Steirerkraft.Kinder
Eine junge Frau in weiß vor weißem Hintergrund hält eine Tüte getrocknete Käferbohnen in der Hand.Schönheitskönigin
Eine blonde Frau auf weißem Hintergrund. Sie hält Produkte für Allergiker in der HandAllergikerin
Ein älteres Paar in Sportkleidung und Fahrradhelm auf weißem Hintergrund. Die Frau hält eine Packung Polenta in der Hand.Health Conscious
Physical Labourers
Allergy Sufferers
Beauty Queen
On the track of the seed.

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Try our latest products, draw your own pumpkin seed oil directly from the tank or find Styrian gifts that fit every taste. In the Steirerkraft Kernothek in Wollsdorf culinare delights made by more than 50 different producers from our area are waiting for you. Shopping something Styrian can be so easy!

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