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Recipe: Wild herbs-salad with beans and beef

Leichte steirische Rezepte: Bohnen-Rindfleisch-Wildkräutersalat


serves 2 | cooks in 15 minutes

1. Wash the selected wild herbs well and in the case of spicy varieties such as dandelion and cat’s ear, place in water for 10 minutes. This will draw out some of the bitterness. Large leaves should be trimmed slightly. Make sure that bean sprouts are rinsed well with water. Dry the salad well on kitchen paper.

2. Cut the washed radishes into slices and then into thin strips. Cut the beef into pieces.
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl with the cooked canned scarlet runner beans PDO. Finally, add pumpkin seed oil and a small amount of vinegar, salt and pepper.

Our suggestion

When picking wild herbs, expert knowledge is required. Otherwise, we recommend using mixed salad leaves. Some ideal wild herbs and salads include: saltbush, tender dandelion and cat’s ear leaves, a small amount of ground elder, chickweed, ground ivy and daisy flowers.

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