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Recipe: Styrian pumpkin seed muffins


serves 12 muffins | cooks in 45 minutes

Melt the butter with the chocolate (broken into pieces) over a water bath. Then add the mixture to a bowl and stir with all of the sugar. Gradually add the eggs and flavourings. Then mix in the flour, cocoa and chopped Steirerkraft pumpkin seeds. Fold in the mixture.

Fill the muffin tins with the dough and bake at 180°C until brown for around 30 minutes.


Paper muffin cases can be purchased from retailers. Silicone moulds are also very practical and re-usable.

Serving suggestion

Muffins make delightful mini-cakes. Leave the muffins in the paper cakes when serving. A touch of icing sugar makes them even more appetising.

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