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Recipe: Rib eye steak with pumpkin seed oil skewer


serves 2

1. Mash together the crushed black pepper corns, garlic, rosemary and a touch of oil using a pestle and mortar. Then add to the rest of the oil and marinate the steaks in this mixture, leaving to stand for at least half an hour. The steaks can also be left to infuse for a day beforehand as there is no salt in the marinade.

2. Season the meat with some salt just before grilling. Fry on both sides according to the thickness of the steak, then remove from the heat. Finally reduce the flame and fry to the required level at a lower temperature.


If you have a core temperature sensor, make sure the steaks have 52-55 degrees core temperature.

Pumpkin seed oil herb butter

Mix the room temperature butter with all of the ingredients, beat until foamy, form dumplings and leave to stand in a cool place.

Pumpkin seed oil polenta

Bring the milk to the boil and season with salt. Add the pumpkin seed oil, stir in the polenta quickly and continue to cook over a medium heat for one minute, stirring constantly. Cover the moulds with a layer of clingfilm, fill with the pumpkin seed oil polenta and smooth over. Leave to cool until the mixture is firm, then cut into 10 cubes.

BBQ skewers

Slice the vegetables into cubes (approx. 2 cm) and place on the skewers, alternating with the pumpkin seed oil polenta. Then grill on both sides.

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