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Recipe: Pumpkin seed croissants – light and dark


for 3-4 baking trays, approx. 65 items | cooks in 90 minutes

1. Knead the butter with half of the flour, add the rest of the ingredients and make a smooth dough. Create rolls of approx. 4 cm Ø and cut into 2 cm thick pieces with a knife. Roll these out into small strands and form into crescent shapes. The ends should be thinner than the centre.

2. Bake at 170°C for 12-15 minutes until light brown. After leaving them to cool, roll and press down into the icing sugar and vanilla sugar mix.


Coat half of the croissants in the dark chocolate glaze. These can also be decorated with a white chocolate coating.

Serving suggestion

The croissants look attractive when they are closely layered.

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