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Recipe: Marzipan parcels with pumpkin seed filling


for approx. 25-30 parcels | cooks in 45 minutes

1. Sprinkle some grated Steirerkraft pumpkin seeds onto a surface and roll out the marzipan on top to form a thin square. Turn the marzipan over to ensure both sides are covered with the pumpkin seeds. The cut the marzipan into 6×6 cm squares.

2. For the filling toast the grated Steirerkraft pumpkin seeds in a pan without any fat until they start to smell good. Keep stirring. Then melt the chocolate and mix in with the toasted pumpkin seeds and rest of the flavourings. Place a heap of the filling on each square, bring together the ends and carefully seal. The end result should look like a parcel. Then toss each parcel in some icing sugar. Finally dust the parcels in cocoa powder using a dry kitchen brush.


Other liqueurs can also be used for the filling. Coffee, orange and nut liqueurs can be used to add different flavours.

Serving suggestion

A praline with a difference which is set off to perfection against a dark background and white lace.

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