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Recipe: Vegetable chips & dip


2 hours

Vegetable chips:

Wash the potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes and black radish well and peel the remaining vegetables. Cut or grate the vegetables into 1 mm thick slices / strips using a vegetable slicer or cutter. Cut the carrots lengthways. A swivel-blade peeler works well for this. Place the potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes in cold water for at least one hour. Blend together all of the vegetables (except for the potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes) and fry at 140 °C. Then drain and add salt to taste. Remove the potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes from the water, fry at 160 °C, drain and add salt.

Pumpkin seed oil & horseradish dip:

Mix together all the ingredients until smooth and season to taste.

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