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Recipe: Styrian cream with spiced pear


Serves 4–6

1. Boil up the blackcurrant juice in a small pan with the sugar and spices. Peel the pears, cut in half, remove the seeds and then cut into slices. Boil up these pear slices in the spiced stock. The pears should not become too soft. Remove the pan from the cooker and leave to cool.

2. Mix together 100 ml of milk with the cornflour until smooth. Stir together the yolks and sugar but do not beat. Boil up the remaining 400 ml of milk with the cinnamon stick, remove from the cooker and leave to cool for approx. 1 minute. Whisk the yolk and sugar mixture with the milk and thicken over a medium heat, stirring constantly. Do not allow the mixture to boil.

3. As soon as the mixture has thickened a little, fold in the cornflour and add the pumpkin seed oil. Heat for a further approx. 20 seconds, stirring constantly, until the cornflour binds with the mixture. Remove the cinnamon stick, then add the cream to a flat, heat-proof dish, for example a soup bowl, porcelain coffee cup or small ramekin and leave to cool for min. 2 hours.

4. Before serving, sprinkle the cooled cream evenly with brown sugar and flambé with the blowtorch until the sugar has caramelised. Drain the pear slices and add them to the Styrian cream. If you do not have a blowtorch: the cream also tastes fantastic non-caramelised.


Prepare the pears the day before so that they absorb the red colour of the juice and the flavour of the spices.

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