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Recipe: Quark and polenta pudding


serves 4-6

1. Rinse the pudding moulds with water.
Place the sheets of gelatine in very cold water.

2. Marinated berries or fruits, edible flowers
Heat the milk with the butter, sugar and vanilla sugar. Stir in the fine-grain polenta and cook over a low flame until thick, stirring all the time. Place the mixture in a bowl to cool.

3. Fold in 2 TBSP of the blueberries and quark.
Gently heat some rum or fruit juice and dissolve the gelatine sheets in it. Now add to the mixture and stir carefully. Fill the pudding moulds with the mixture and leave to chill for a day.

4. Serve the fruit with a little icing sugar and lemon juice, marinate some lemon balm or mint leaves and serve with the pudding.


To loosen the puddings from the moulds, stand in hot water briefly.

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