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Recipe: Herb foam soup & crispy egg


serves 8 | cooks in 20 minutes

1. Sweat the onions in a pan until translucent then peel and dice the potatoes and add to the pan. Sweat with the onions and then add the white wine and vegetable stock. Heat together then add salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg to season. Cook until the potatoes are soft. Pour in the whipping cream and chopped wild garlic (or other herbs), cook through and purée.

2. Place a layer of clingfilm over each mould, carefully crack one egg into each mould and then tie up the clingfilm around each egg to form sealed plastic bags with no air inside. This stage of work is explained and presented in more detail on YouTube. Place the eggs into boiling water for approx. 5-6 minutes. Then plunge the eggs into cold water and carefully remove them from the clingfilm. Add salt and coat with the flour, egg and breadcrumbs (half composed of the coarsely chopped Steirerkraft pumpkin seeds). Then deep fry in oil until golden brown and serve immediately.

3. Slice the eggs in half and place into bowls. Foam the soup using a hand-held blender then pour the soup into the bowls alongside the eggs. Add chopped wild garlic (or herbs) and enjoy!


Potatoes add sufficient thickness to the soup. Health-conscious cooks can leave out the whipping cream thanks to the creamy consistency of potatoes.

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