1-minute-polenta white fine-grain

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Styrian 1-minute-polenta white, which comes from Styrian farming, is quick and easy to make, tastes wonderful and has a unique colour. The delicate white version is low-fat, rich in fibre and free from added flavourings. Simmered for a minute in lightly salted water and butter, it makes the perfect accompaniment to game, fish and poultry. Add cheese and herbs to make a main course, or combine with fresh fruit for a dessert. Available in a 600 g and 1500 g pack.

Metro (Austria)
AGM (Austria)
Wedl (Austria)
Kastner (Austria)
Transgourmet (Austria)
Eurogast Sinnesberger (Tyrol)
Eurogast Riedhart (Tyrol)
Eurogast Speckbacher (Tyrol)
Braunegger (Tyrol)

GEKO (Vienna)
Eurogast Landmarkt (Styria)
Eurogast Interex (Styria)
Legro Weiz (Styria)
C+C Thermenland (Styria)
Eurogast Kiennast (Lower Austria)
C+C Oberallgäu (Allgäu, Germany)

Steirerkraft Kernothek (Styria)

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